What is your life?

James 4:13-17

Life is short but life is also fragile, easily blown in one direction or the other or even blown out. Like a wisp of fog we are here today and gone tomorrow. We have little or no control over external circumstances.

So in arrogance we say we have planned our future. God could take ahold of us at any point and turn our life in a totally new direction. I had planned my career one way but God has intervened and set me on a different path. Let him do that. Do not struggle for your own life plan. Make goals that accord with his will, like being an excellent father to your kids, to be intentional about your marriage, to work as if every task is for Jesus himself.

Then add the caveat to your more specific personal plans: if it’s God’s will. Note that James is addressing a businessman, not a pastor / minister planning the future of a church. God wants in on your business. He has ideas, goals and heavenly plans to use you in the secular marketplace in ways you would never dream on your own. This may or may not involve making money.

Commit your ways to God. Acknowledge him in everything.



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