Lambs among Wolves! (Luke 10:1-9)

Luke 10:1-9 (click!)

v1: Jesus sent the 72 to every place he was about to go. We often think of God going before us but in this sense we are to go to the places God has already preordained to bless. Are all our plans things that God is already working on or are they just our good ideas? The challenge is to go where he will show up because its in his plan. Imagine preparing the way for him in a place he said he was never going to bless at this time. E.g. Launching a new ministry in the church because someone or some committee thought it was a good idea. I’m sure lots of us have seen supposedly godly initiatives fail. Are we brave enough to ask if God was even going in that direction. Lets not ask God to bless our plans anymore.

v2: When we go to the right places we will find a harvest. Lets ask God where he is going, what he is doing, and then jump right in! And remember The Lord works in mysterious ways so be prepared! And let’s pray that God sends workers into HIS harvest field.

v3: “I am sending you out like lambs among wolves”. Thanks Jesus, I don’t think! How many sales managers would say at to their team? It’s counter intuitive but God wants us to rely on his strength his power, not some hyped-up emotion telling us that “I can do all things” without adding “through Christ who gives me strength”

v4: And just in case you were tempted to rely on anything else other than God, don’t take any material support!

v5-6: Like in verse 1, go where you are welcome. It’s a clue to us that this is where the Holy Spirit has already drawing us. Don’t force the door if someone is pushing against you. E.g. Trying to use persuasive words.

v7-8: Stay. Stick around. Earn trust. Earn the right to speak into their lives. Eat. Drink. Share life experiences. Don’t get distracted moving from one mission, ministry or person to the next. If God has let you through the door, see it through. Be a friend! They’re more likely to hear the message from you than a stranger!

v9: Bring healing and tell them about Jesus. Notice the order means that this comes last. But it will come. Otherwise you’re just another friend. When the opportunity comes to speak into people’s lives, jump right in and God will give the words and show you what to do

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