Luke 10 – Eat What is Offered

A church I love to visit has the banner, “Everybody’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, anything is possible”. This is totally the attitude expressed by Jesus in this passage.


Last Luke 10 observation.

One command is given twice in this string of imperatives for his 36 pairs of missionaries.

v7 . . . stay there, eating and drinking what they give you . . .

v8 . . . when you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is offered to you . . .

The significance? For you and me, we think back to childhood lessons about politeness when in others’ homes. Is Jesus telling his disciples to eat whatever is offered, even if it’s gross?

“Guys, I know it’s not your mama’s cooking, but you can’t offend these people by refusing their vittles.”

No, that’s a little off. We can understand better if we get out of our culture and into that of the first century Jew- a culture that involved various dietary restrictions. The 72 are not to limit their contact to upright Jews serving…

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