14 One-liners to cure your money worry

Money Money Money, easy to worry…
I’m not known as a worrier but recently I’ve been focusing on financial issues and it’s tempting to let thoughts run away into concerns where I try to fix things that only God can sort out.
I plan to read the following lines to myself (maybe even out loud if I’m brave enough!) daily for at least a week.
Maybe you might find them useful too.
There is a sense in which we need to take the word of God like a daily medicine. Before you even start your day, before you put the news on, look at Facebook, before anything else can get into your mind (even your own negative thoughts), get the word of God into your mind and start a transformation process.
God is my provider,
God is my source,
I will not look to my own abilities; they were given to bless other people,
I will not rely on my own strength; that is given to serve God with,
God will provide everything I need and more,
God wants to see to it that I can be a blessing to others,
Today I will be generous with whatever I have,
God is a God of abundance,
God is a God of infinite supply,
I will never be forsaken,
God has new mercies for me every morning,
God loves me,
I will enter his rest today,
Thank you Jesus for all you have done.
Please note this is not meant to be an exhaustive theological exposition of our relationship with God and money. It’s just what I felt the Spirit telling me I needed to hear at the moment.
PLEASE COMMENT if you found this useful
Please also comment if you think it is unbalanced, unbiblical or have suggestions. I love suggestions.
Please comment if you plan to use these lines – maybe we can encourage each other!
Thanks, and have a less stressed week!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nick Moxon says:

    Really helpful Jon.


  2. Nick Moxon says:

    I used to ponder on number 11 a lot & had forgotten it (or at least I haven’t reflected on it for a while). I think that needs to be my daily vitamin pill at the moment!


    1. Thanks Nick! I agree it’s a daily challenge to keep the mind fixed on what God promises rather than what everything around us seems to be saying! My biggest challenge at the moment is being generous now rather than waiting until I feel rich, which is something I may never actually feel!


  3. Mark Baker says:

    Hi Jon,
    Good stuff! I’ve just discovered your blog-great idea!
    It is so very easy to get distracted and knocked off course by worries all manner of them! And yet Jesus rightly tells us, “Do not worry”. But I still do!
    I’m trying (I know very trying) to surrender more and more, its a daily process, but I’ll keep at it and who knows maybe one day I’ll crack it. God is so good and He is such a God of provision and Blessing so lets share what we have with each other and keep encouraging each other in the knowledge of how good and Great our God his and knowing how much He loves us and wants to Bless us!
    God Bless you in all that you do!


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