Salt and Light: Part 1 of 2: SALT



Can you taste salt? (Salt and Light Day 1 of 2)
Christians often talk about being Salt and Light, but what does it mean? Jesus told his disciples that’s what they are (not will be) in Matthew 5. How can we put this strange information into practice?
It could be that you are / I am the only contact that some people have with the church. Their idea of a Christian, their idea of God, could be based on you. Am I scaring you?
Today, two points about salt. Tomorrow, two points about light, PLUS five ways you can be salt and light this week!
Salt is a Preservative

An old farmer from where I grew up as a child once described how salt was used to preserve meat before refrigeration was widely available. There was a real sense of having to massage salt into the meat so that it would become deeply ingrained into it. The salt has to be pushed hard so that the meat will absorb it. Then, the meat lasts longer as it is protected from harmful bacteria. 
In the same way, I believe Jesus is asking his disciples to get right into society. God rarely calls people to a life of seclusion. Instead, I like these lyrics from The Script’s song, Hall of Fame:
Be students
Be teachers
Be politicians
Be preachers


Be believers
Be leaders
Be astronauts
Be champions
Be truth seekers


I believe Jesus would still tell his disciples to do all those things in order to leave the world a better place, becoming involved in the lives of those around us, in the work place, in colleges, in the supermarket, at home. How else can we be used to preserve society if we stay in a holy huddle, mixing only with other people who are already saved? That would be like leaving the salt pot in the cupboard! Go for promotion! Be in the right position to influence the company! When you go shopping, remember you are God’s ambassador – be ready to smile, talk, influence someone for the better! God might be sending someone your way who you just need to listen to. We are God’s preservative in action! How might God use you to prevent the harmful bacteria of sin, worry, debt or fear reaching the people around you?


Salt adds Flavour

When asked in class what salt does, one boy answered, “I don’t know, but I can tell when mum’s cooked potatoes without it!” 
The idea I am encouraged by most here is that Christians are not intended to be bland, boring or irrelevant. How cool it would be if people thought a party or gathering is always better if you are there. I imagine Jesus was fun to have around, a magnetic personality. He was interested in other people, which is always attractive. I’m not saying we should try to be something we are not. Just be yourself, relax, have fun around non-Christians and Christians alike, but if you’re really enjoying life because of God, don’t be afraid to let it show!
How do you add flavour to your workplace? Appoint yourself head of morale. Make coffee. Listen. Lighten up!

Thanks for reading 🙂
Next time!
Two points about light, PLUS five ways you can be salt and light this week!

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  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you for sharing this article quite interesting and, hopefully true happiness rays began to warm our hearts, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


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