Blessed are the cheeky redheads (the lost beatitude)

My wife just received 10% discount on these Converse shoes. I cannot believe how.
She was in a bit of a cheeky mood and, with a serious face, asked the guy at the checkout,
“I don’t suppose there’s any discount for redheads is there?”
Because she’d asked in a normal, serious tone, the guy paused, looked confused, and then a smile broke across his face as he looked up.
But next comes the best part. His reply:
“Because you’ve made me laugh, I will give you a discount!”
Anyone who was watching in that moment would never have known that my wife was bullied throughout high school for her red hair. I don’t mean teased a bit, where the person being teased laughs along. I mean missing-school-with-stress kind of bullying. What people saw that moment at the checkout was a story, but not the back-story. They would have had no idea that Andrea has spent years building up to a point where she can walk with her head held high, gaining confidence, knowing she is a much loved child of God.
And anyone who was watching Andrea being bullied all those years ago would hardly believe this was the same girl!
So, this could be an encouraging message about being confident, believing for the best, etc. If you don’t ask you don’t get! Blessings come to the confident!
But what is more important is the transforming work that God can do in our lives. Andrea has spent years being transformed by renewing her thinking about herself and about her place in God’s plan. I am proud to be a child of God, and I’m also proud to be Andrea’s husband.


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