Bigger than Christmas

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“There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!”

That’s the voice of UK comedian and TV host Harry Hill. Just before the commercial break he stages a comedy fight between two opposing obje
cts, people or ideas. (There’s a link at the end of this post for some examples.)
I think my favourite is, “Which is better? Babies or Cats?” Just weird.

Who would win if it was Christmas vs. Easter?

In the UK, it’s clear which is the biggest celebration, if you’re measure by how much people spend. Christmas comes top of the list, followed by Easter. Then it’s Halloween with Valentine’s day slipping into fourth place over recent years.

So why is Christmas considered to be the best, biggest, most exciting festival? Let’s look at the evidence.
1. Easter Eggs vs. Christmas Presents 
Our parents spent loads more at Christmas. No child I know of runs downstairs at 5:30am to unwrap their Easter Eggs.
2. The Buildup
The buildup to Christmas is far more exciting with it’s wintery themes, parties, Christmas songs everywhere you go.
The buildup to Easter is really about enjoying springtime. You could enjoy that without a festival. Oh and if you’re properly religious, the correct buildup to Easter is… Lent! Fasting! My vote is for Christmas!
3. Santa vs. the Easter Bunny
Santa’s cool. He brings far better toys to kids than the bunny’s chocolate eggs. Santa has to win that one.
However, there are some reasons to believe it should be the other way around.
1. Number of hours awake
As a parent, with Christmas you have the late night wrapping on Christmas Eve and the early morning wake up call letting you know that it’s Christmas (like you didn’t know!). Then you have to get out of bed to assemble some toy or bike Santa obviously didn’t have time to finish.
At Easter you can simply enjoy a relaxed Sunday but with extra chocolate. Easter is easier.
2. Workload
Again from the adult’s point of view, the buildup to Christmas is labour intensive, shopping, preparing the house for visitors, hosting parties, etc. all with manic kids around your feet! And the cleanup afterwards doesn’t compare.
There might be some of this at Easter, but it’s much more relaxed. Easter is less work!
3. Financial burden
Our spending on Easter Eggs just does not compare with how much we spend on gifts for each other. Easter is cheaper!
4. Christian significance
At Christmas, God became a man. That’s pretty amazing. I think of Jesus as God in disguise. God and fitting himself into an embryo. Surely you can’t beat that one.
At Easter, this God-man was killed by other men, which is just a horrific tragedy. However, by Easter Sunday he had risen again which turns it into the most dramatic happy ending possible.
Easter is bigger.
At Christmas, God defied the limits of possibility and stepped into time and space.
But at Easter he defeated all of my sin by taking my punishment in is death.
Then he defeated death itself by coming back to life!
Easter is powerful.
At Christmas, a self-limiting God was born in a stable (probably a cave – the bible only actually mentions the manger).
At Easter, God threw open a different cave, removing all the limits that meant we couldn’t access him.
Easter means freedom.
At Christmas, human ‘kings’ brought gold, frankincense and myrrh.
At Easter, the king of kings gave humans riches beyond compare.
Christmas is when God opened the door to step into earth.
Easter opens the gates to heaven for us!
So which is bigger? I say Easter.
If you’ve ever read a book to find that the last page was missing, forgetting Easter would be like that. The best part of the story would be lost.
In fact there’s even more to the story.
Easter is not really the end of the story, it’s the middle! God will come again, but even bigger than the way he came at Christmas. And this ‘second coming’ will be even bigger than Easter! But if that doesn’t happen while I’m alive, I know that the end of the story for me will be MY resurrection into new life. Because of Easter.
Enjoy the chocolate.

BCC Bigger than Christmas flier

And that link to a Harry Hill montage…


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