The Trailer, part 1

TrailerPart 1 – The Waiting

A small group of farm helpers were waiting to be transported in a trailer to their work for the day. From their viewpoint no driver was visible. As the sun shone down on their heads and time passed with no sign of movement, the workers began to chat. Some were comfortable to sit and wait for the driver to move them forward, safe in the knowledge that they had secured employment for the day and had turned up for work, on time. Others however, became agitated.

“Something’s wrong. Maybe we’ve got on the wrong trailer,” one young man offered.

“No, we were definitely led here by the boss,” replied an older lady sitting opposite. “We just have to wait. I’ve worked with this guy for some time. He’s renowned for taking his workers by surprise. Once he paid me a full day’s rate even though I only turned up at lunchtime! I later found out he’d paid someone else a day’s wage when she arrived for work at three in the afternoon! Just be patient.”

This information did not satisfy everybody and a couple decided to leave and look for work elsewhere. Leaving their two places vacant made some of the others feel insecure and wonder why they were sitting there at all. When a group of five workers came to the edge of the trailer looking for work, they decided to move on when they heard how long the others had been waiting.

Still there were a good number of people happy to sit and chat in the relative comfort of their seated position. They might not be getting anywhere, but at least they weren’t exhausting themselves out in the field.

Seeing there were still a number of empty seats, one young man, the farmer’s nephew, was so sure that the farmer would provide them with a good day’s work, and reward them well, that he jumped out of the trailer to find more people who might want to join them. Because of his relationship to the farmer he cared about his uncle’s business and was concerned that there would be enough workers to get everything done. He also knew that whoever worked on this farm was always well looked after and went home happy. I guess you could say he was a fan of his uncle and a fan of the farm. However, he never strayed too far from the trailer in his search for other workers as he didn’t want to miss the moment when it started to move.

One disappointed middle-aged man was standing, ready to get off the trailer as the nephew was just getting back on with one new recruit, when the trailer began to rumble to the sound of the engine starting while the smell of diesel fumes filled the air.

Parts 2 and 3 to follow!

In the meantime, please leave a comment – how do you interpret the story so far?


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