The Trailer, part 2

Part 2 – The Jolt


I wasn’t brilliant at Physics, but as I remember it, inertia is the reluctant response felt by objects being moved in a direction they do not want to. It is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant speed. As the tractor jerked forward the labourers on the trailer were thrown backward. This caused a commotion, especially for anyone who was just standing to leave. Once over the shock, the group who had been contentedly chatting looked offended by the movement, as if the very moment they had been waiting for was an inconvenience to them.
Nobody found the moment comfortable, even the enthusiastic workers. The nephew steadied himself and first helped his new recruit to a seat, ensuring he was welcomed by the group, before taking his own place again. The middle-aged man had landed face first into the lap of the older lady. If it were not for her gentle smile, I’m sure he would have hurled his body over the side of the trailer and made his escape. However, he assured himself that as they were now moving, it was worth his while taking his place again amongst the other workers.
If the more experienced workers could guess in which part of what field they might end up, those who had never worked for this farmer had no idea where they were going. This uncertainty, coupled with the jolting start had left everyone feeling that although they were now making progress, things were far less comfortable than before. The middle-aged man dusted himself down and looked over his shoulder as they left behind them the familiar place where they had been waiting for so long.

Part 3 (the end!) coming very soon… follow me on twitter @jonpetts for updates!


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