The Trailer, part 3

Part 3 – The Journey

(scroll down to read parts 1 and 2 in the right order!)

The older lady pulled her shawl tighter around her shoulders and looked up at the sky as the tractor led them out of the warmth of the sun down a cooler shaded lane. As it bumped along, sometimes they would stop to pick up other workers which was a great annoyance to some of the members of the group who had just got used to the people around them. They were comfortable with their co-workers, and besides, the trailer looked full enough as it was. Was there really room for more? Besides, some of the newer workers looked inexperienced or seemed like they might struggle to fit in. Why had the farmer accepted anyone onto his trailer, at any point of the journey? Despite this, many of the original crew joined the farmer’s nephew in welcoming others on board, keen to introduce themselves and happy to have more hands to do the work ahead.
If the waiting before the journey had felt a long time, the journey itself was infuriatingly long! The tractor and trailer passed field and ditch and farm and field again. Sometimes the farmer would stop just to chat to another labourer already in one of his fields. This frustrated some of his passengers who wanted to get on with the work themselves.
“Doesn’t he get it?” one young man complained. “The sooner he gets us there, the sooner we can get his work done! And go home!”
As if he had heard the complaint, the farmer ground the tractor to a halt. He jumped down and strode out through the dust cloud he had created, heading toward the trailer.
“Everybody OK?” he boomed. For some it was the first time they had seen the farmer. “Nice and cosy back there, eh?! Good chance to get to know each other, though. It’s important you all get along and look out for one another in the field. Stay in twos when we get there and work together. Not long to go now. ” Before getting back into the driver’s seat, he reached into a large cooler in the back of his cab and gave them all enough water for the day.
As the tractor pulled forward again with the workers refreshing themselves with their surprise supply of water, they knew that although the journey was nearly over, the real work would soon begin.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or want to suggest what some of the hidden meanings are!


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  1. sharon says:

    Hi Jon. I’ve skipped ahead to read the rest on twitter. The truck is the local church (BCC in my case). The workers are the Christians and their different attitudes to the journry and work before them. Some see the church as a social club and are content to have their own needs met. A lot feel uncomfortable when the truck (church) starts moving or when new workers are welcomed on. The farmer stops to chat to labourers in the field – mature Christians who are out getting the job done. Great analogy that has made me think about where I’m at in all of this.


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