A Stargazer’s View

Hello. I was just reflecting on the Supernova-like phenomenon that changed everything for me.

My colleagues and I had been studying the stars in the belief that they might provide some indication of future events. Not a practice I now recommend but God works in mysterious ways. This star-gazing held all of my attention and was the only way he could speak to me.

We became absolutely convinced – and I mean a feeling that was more than just a rational understanding, this was a sensation we had never trained for or experienced – convinced that a star would lead us to a great Jewish king. I’ve never had that feeling since but if I do, I’ll know to rely on it!

We didn’t really know what to expect but wanted to be ready to greet the new royal with appropriate dignity and respect. After much discussion three gifts were decided upon. First, gold, a gift fit for a king. Second, incense used in worship as we held the view that this king was more than human and would be worthy of worship. Finally, myrrh, a spice used in burials. Not only did we have some understanding that the king would be of lasting significance, but we also sensed that there was something important about his death.

We gathered our gifts together and prepared for the journey but there was still no sign in the sky to direct us. Some of our number began to doubt our own understanding of events. Nevertheless, we waited.

Then the star. Oh my. There was no mistaking that bright and beautiful celestial wonder. Its as if the star itself both beckoned us and burned away our doubts all at once. So off we went to the town over which it rested.

But as I said before, this was a star that changed everything. Our whole belief system and way of being.

Naturally we assumed that the star had led us to Judea because Herod the Great was the King of the Jews. To our surprise he knew nothing of an infant king. Consulting some of his contacts he sent us on to Bethlehem. Eventually we found this king living in a house with his parents. It was then that we understood that this was no ordinary king. I would say that we had more wealth than he. Although we had been instructed to report back to Herod we were guided in a dream to go home by another route.

As we set off home, our hearts warmed by the events that had gone before us, we knew we had to give all that we were, past, present and future, into the hands of the one who had created the stars and the heavens beyond. This humble baby king had taught us the greatest lesson of all. If Christmas doesn’t change everything, it really won’t change anything.


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