Herod’s view of Christmas

KING OF THE JEWS! That was MY title. But Christmas changed everything. I might have been Jewish, but as the Romans made me military leader of Galilee I was ambitious, hard working, dedicated and would stop at nothing to impress the Roman rulers. I did so well that I was given the title “King of the Jews”. It was a bit of a fight to get all of everyone to submit to this but once things settled down, I was known as a strong friend and ally to the Romans. Everything was going well for me. But Christmas changed everything.

I had made some difficult decisions which really wound the Jews up, but as King of the Jews I wanted to please my people, so the most lavish thing I built in Jerusalem was a Temple to our God. Some of the Jews liked this, and I’m sure I could have won more of them over, but Christmas changed everything.

It all started when these ‘magi’ or wise men came knocking at my palace door. They said they’d been following a star and that they were hoping to find the king of the Jews. “That’d be me then,” I said. “No, a baby!”, they insisted. I had no idea what they were talking about but I smelt danger. I could feel my heart racing as the blood rush to my head. Any rumor of a rival king cannot be taken seriously enough. I grit my teeth and forced a polite smile: “Please come back and tell me when you find out more. I’d love to meet this baby and pay my respects.”

I shut the door behind them as my mind darted from one option to another, thinking, “I don’t care who he is, and I don’t care what it takes, he has to go.”

With the threat of a rival king keeping me awake at night I had every baby boy in Bethlehem killed, just to be sure. I guess you could say Christmas changed everything for those families. But Christmas changed everything for me too. those wise men never came back. The boy and his parents somehow escaped, and I was less popular than ever. I had my plans for this so called king, but it’s as if there was an even greater king changing everything.


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