New Years Revolution, part 1: REVOLUTIONISE YOUR DIARY!

Just about all of us want to be organised, intentional, purposeful, productive. We know this kind of lifestyle is generally rewarded. You also know that the opposite, i.e. being disorganised, leads to stressfully “chasing your tail”, or, “meeting yourself coming back”.

But I’m done with resolutions. I break them too soon and then just feel bad worse than before. What I’m aiming for this year is a number of areas I want to turn around – a revolution – by incremental steps. A lasting lifestyle change made by gradual little permanent changes. Read on and you might end up wanting to join me!

So how will you look back on this year?

What I’m calling for is a lifestyle change rather than another optimistic to-do list.


Revolutionise your Diary! 

Why you can’t manage time (But you can manage your life)

The thing about time is, you can’t change it. Even if you could make a clock tick faster or slower, time would still march on. People used to say, “Time waits for no man”. So why do we think we can MANAGE time?!

I know I’m being pedantic but we need to focus on the real issue. If we talk about managing time we’re talking about managing something outside of ourselves. But the awkward truth is more personal. What we need to face head on is LIFE management.

time in handWhy you DO have enough time

Ecclesiastes 8:6 says, “…there is a time and a way for everything…” Rick Warren has helped me to understand this. He says the problem is not time, but how you use it. To get mad at your schedule is like getting mad at your bathroom scales. You are the reason it reads like it does!

If you had a bank account and every day someone deposited £86,400 into it that you had to spend or lose, would you let that money go to waste? No. You would draw out every penny and spend it. You have 86,400 seconds in every day.

Most people I have spoken to in a coaching context about time management are asking how they might pack more activities into their already busy schedules. But if there is a time for everything, perhaps we are just doing too much! Maybe there are even some GOOD things, some worthy causes that you need to drop for a while!

But maybe there are just some things that are a waste of time, like throwing some of those 86,400 seconds down the drain. Ephesians 5:15-16 says, “Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil”

time expiredWas this a waste of time?

As a school teacher I used to get a 15 minute break between two of our morning lessons. 15 minutes to sit down, catch up with colleagues who had over the years become good friends, gulp down some coffee before going off to the next lesson. Sitting with 3 colleagues I looked up from my phone to notice EVERY ONE of us was looking at our phones! All in the same room at the same time looking at global news, information and other people’s lives!

How do we decide if this is a waste of time or not? The answer lies in a very simple question.

And I’ll be asking that question in my next post!


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