Be the child!

I don’t care how old you are – you need parents!

childHowever old you are, you need ‘Parent’ people in your life to provide guidelines, correction and nurture. As you get older there may even be people who play this role that are younger than you.

The Bible makes it clear that we should honour our parents (Exodus 20). This is not easy if they were poor role models. Do I still honour my father if he verbally abused me or beat my mum? And as an adolescent it’s difficult even when they are good parents!

An agonising choice

One Christian young man decided he wanted to go to university but his non-Christian father told him he should not. Wanting to honour his father, the young man agonised over this in prayer until he finally decided to tell his father he was going to put God first in his life and go to university as he believed that was what God wanted. Because of the young man’s commitment the father was so moved, he became a Christian!

Hate your parents?!

In Luke 14:26 Jesus, who obeyed the Law perfectly (including the one to honour his parents), implies that we should love our Father in heaven so much that our love for families on earth looks like hate! Despite this, I think it’s important never to speak badly about our parents in public, however you may be feeling at the time or whatever they have done. This in itself gives them honour.

Aside from honouring our parents at home, who in your life is a mentor, role model, coach or parent figure? The good thing about choosing your family is you can have more than two parents!Redheaded_child_mesmerized_3

Next time…

Be the parent!


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