My United Kingdom

There is a United Kingdom whose borders are limitless, whose King is eternal; a Kingdom whose power has no end.

A United Eternal Kingdom with a caring King who is lowly and loving, magnificent and mighty.

A Kingdom whose universal authority outweighs the power of all principalities, rulers and authorities combined.

A  Kingdom where fear has been outlawed. Ten thousand may drop like flies at my left and my right but I will not fear. The King is with me.

A Kingdom whose currency is love, the value of which does not fluctuate according to external circumstances. People buy grain without gold, and are sustained without striving.

A United Kingdom where immigrants are not trafficked but treasured and transformed.

Diversity is celebrated and unity is inevitable, guaranteed by perfect love. There is no room for hypocrisy and there is no need for democracy.

In this Kingdom the first go last and the last come in first. Orphans and widows are lifted up. Princes and Empires are brought low.

This is my United Kingdom. I am honoured to serve its King.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Ann Lee says:

    This is brilliant Jon!…Beautifully written!


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