3 Ways to Stay in the Word

The word of God is alive and active.

We need to stay in the word.

The Parable of the Sower (Luke 8) shows that there are lots of reasons we are unproductive in our faith journey:

  1. The Devil takes away the word before we even get started (seed on the path)
  2. Times of testing cause us to fall away (seed among rocks)
  3. Worries, riches and pleasures stop us from maturing in faith (seed among thorns)

The seed is the Word of God. And it grows to an abundant harvest if you let it.

Let’s assume the Devil hasn’t taken the word from you and that it has at least taken root at some level (after all, you’re reading this aren’t you?).

That means your main enemies are (staying just in Luke 8):

  • Testing times
  • Worry
  • Riches
  • Pleasures

I would say that I have let all these get between me and God at one point or another in my life.

Get over it, I’m human.

At my best I read daily, pray, re-read and re-read again, asking God what he is saying to me in the passage today. And on those days I’m less troubled by worry, riches, pleasures.

And the tests in life seem smaller.

So get into the word! And stay there!

The rich soil of your mind, when constantly fed by God’s word, will yield a great crop, exponentially larger than you imagined.

Jesus tells us how to do this in verse 15:

  1. Hear the word – you’ve got to position yourself daily in front of a bible and listen
  2. Retain it – why not journal what you hear, so you can read it back and retain it?
  3. Persevere – it is tough, but if you want to see a harvest that counts, you’re going to have to keep going, even when it doesn’t feel like anything is happening.

Get into the word, and stay there!

What will you change about your routine or lifestyle in order to hear, retain and persevere in God’s word?

(comment below!)


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