Reaping a Harvest: 2 lessons from Jesus

Yesterday I read about the need for good seed, i.e. the Word of God as an antidote to worry, and the temptations of riches and pleasures (Luke 8 – Parable of the Sower).

Jesus extends this thought in the next parable – the Parable of the Lamp. These are not two isolated stories.

In the same way that no one hides a lamp under a bed, once we have received the seed of God’s word, we need to let it shine.

Mixed metaphor I know. Deal with it.

So we need to be careful how we listen to the Word. We need to breathe it in, listen, ask God what he is saying to us today, even if we’ve read that passage 100 times before.

And if you hear what God is saying, if you receive his word today, even more will be given to you. Like the harvest in the good soil. But if you don’t listen well to the word, even what you thought you had is valueless (Luke 8:18).

So here’s what I think God is saying to me afresh from these two stories:

  1. If I want to reap a harvest, I have to get into his word. It’s the seed.
  2. Then I have to share what I hear. It’s a light.

Bring on the harvest.


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  1. Sally Hughes says:

    Thank you, Jon. This morning, Jesus drove an enraging spirit out of a little boy who is on holiday in Paignton. We are moving in the power of God ………….. so bless you for your obedience to His Living Word.


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