Why Jesus wants you to be irresponsible

Jesus calls us to an irresponsible reliance on God.

When sent the 12 out to preach the Kingdom and heal the sick he also told them to

“Take nothing for the journey.”

My wife and kids often travel 280 miles north to visit family. If I said to my wife, “This time, let’s do like Jesus did. Let’s take nothing for the journey,” she’d probably just laugh.

Jesus sent his disciples out on a mission trip and effectively told them the following:

Cancel your breakdown cover and throw the spare tyre out. Leave the spare keys at home and don’t take any money for the services on the way. And no bank cards.

Ladies, no handbags, guys no man bags, mobile devices or roadmaps.

Don’t even take a raincoat or umbrella.

Just go from village to village.

Just go, and preach, and heal.

When you reach a new place, if they don’t like it, move on. If they do like it, stay a while and build relationships.

This is the irresponsible reliance on God we are called to.

You cannot win people to the Kingdom in your own strength.

He sent them from village to village. How can I do that?

In all our daily comings and goings we move around from connection to connection with other people.
Person to person.

Appointment to appointment.

Task to task.

Contract to contract.

Shop to shop.

These are your villages.

Jesus sends us preaching and healing.

Speaking hope and healing wherever you go.

Carrying nothing but an atmosphere of faith.

Then even those in authority will start to take notice of Jesus:

“Now Herod the tetrarch heard about all that was going on … And he tried to see him.” (Luke 9:9)



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