What is stopping you relying on God?

Why is Jesus so challenging!

It’s hard as it is to go out into your day-to-day world with a sense of calling to share God’s Kingdom wherever possible. But Jesus seems to make it even harder by removing any props, comforts or pacifiers.

He sent out the 12 with instructions to not take 5 specific items:

  • Staff
  • Bag
  • Bread
  • Money
  • Spare clothes

Let’s look at these one day at a time and ask God what he wants us to let go of, so that he can have more room in our lives.

The Staff

A staff would be used as security against bumps in the road.

As I walk along the coast path or the moors in beautiful Devon I see serious walkers with walking sticks; some with one in each hand. My dad uses one on longer walks and can tell of times he would have ended up face in the mud if it were not for this walking aid.

And Jesus, in his call to irresponsible reliance tells us to let go of the staff.

Me: “But my staff keeps me from falling!”
Jesus: “I want to keep you from falling. Trust me.

What self-made protection prevents you from relying on God?

For some it’s reason and logic.

For others it’s hard work, striving to get things done.

Still others take security in another person.

But all these things have their limits. Jesus does not.

For the disciples, letting go of the staff must have felt vulnerable. Like the difference between riding a bicycle and a unicycle.

Although Jesus loves you, he wants you to feel just vulnerable enough to trust him. To fall back into his arms.

Remember Psalm 23? Let it be his staff that comforts you. Not your own.


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