Why you need to leave your bag at home

In Luke 9 Jesus tells his disciples to leave their bags at home.

What do you keep in your bag? 

That’s quite a personal question. A lady’s handbag is a sacred place. Access to that bag is highly restricted to authorised personnel only.

A bag on a journey has two uses:

  1. To take provisions and essential items
  2. To carry things you acquire on the way

And Jesus tells us not to bring a bag on our mission to share his Kingdom.

Bag use 1: Provisions

What provisions would Jesus rather you left behind?

The security of a highly paid job? The essential item of the latest phone, car or TV?

All the above are good things, as long as you remember that God is your source. Your highly paid job is only yours because God gave you the ability to do it. The things you love to have with you on life’s journey may all provide something good for you. But remember to be thankful to God. Every good and perfect gift comes from him.

As long as your heart is so sold on him that you’d give them all up in an instant, you’re good to go.

Otherwise they’re baggage.

Bag use 2: Acquisitions

As you go out from person to person in your daily life, do you carry an invisible bag?

– What?

Do you carry an attitude of, “What’s in it for me?”

What can I take from this journey? What can I bag?

The disciples were sent from village to village to preach and heal, not to make contacts or receive huge ministry gifts. It is better to give than to receive.

As you volunteer, do it expecting nothing back.

Leave the bag at home.

God’s goody bag

Have you ever stepped out into something new, knowing that you had to totally rely on God’s provision?

Are you in that position now?

Be assured that God’s provision is far greater than any provision you could take with you or acquire on the way.


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