How to be a bread winner God’s way

I love bread. I’ll eat it toasted, white, wholemeal, seeded…

Mmmm… Bread.

The 5 things Jesus told the disciples not to take on their journey (Luke 9:1-6) left them challenged to rely on God and not on their self-effort.

They had no staff to steady them and no bag for provisions or acquisitions.

But no bread!

What’s so important about bread?

You probably know that bread is a source of complex carbohydrates. This means it can provide energy for hours. Bread is also rich in vitamin B which again provides energy.

If bread is a source of energy, perhaps the modern day Christian would be told to leave their flask of coffee at home.

Bread sustains you. It provides energy. And on a long journey, carrying bread with you would mean that you could keep going further, not relying on others.

Bread is so important to us that some people call the main income earner of a household the “Bread Winner.” But God wants to make sure we win our bread the right way.

Receiving from others

In Luke 9, the disciples were sent out without bread, meaning that if they were to stay any length of time somewhere they would have to learn to trust God to provide for them. Often this would be through other people. Not only do we need to learn to receive from God, we also need to learn to receive from others, as that’s often how God provides. If you don’t receive a gift (whether it’s food or something else) from a willing giver, you are actually depriving them.

Receiving from God

Jesus said he was the bread of life. He wants us to look to him for sustenance. He must be your main source of energy.

Bread is a staple part of most people’s diet. But Jesus, the bread of life, wants to be are mainstay.

Remember the Lord’s Prayer? We ask God to provide what we need as we go on our way.

God is my source

If you have plenty, repeat after me:

God is my source. All that I have, however it was acquired, came from him.

If you don’t have enough money coming in, repeat after me:

God is my source. I receive all I need from him.

In either case, God wants to make you a breadwinner the right way.


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