How to live without money

A Holiday almost ruined

About 15 years ago when my wife Andrea and I were on holiday in France, I had my wallet stolen. Foolishly I’d put all my money in there and had several credit cards too. Talk about eggs in one basket.

And 15 years ago neither of us had a mobile phone.

All I had was a bit of loose change in Andrea’s purse. Suddenly that loose change became far more valuable than the time I had my wallet, just a few moments before.

I was able to phone my dad who cancelled my credit cards and sorted everything out from home.

Money answers everything

King Solomon was the wisest, richest person in the Bible. This is what he said about money:

“A party gives laughter, wine gives happiness, and money gives everything!” (Ecclesiastes 10:19)

Although a lot of what Solomon says in Ecclesiastes demonstrates the meaninglessness of life without God, if you think about it, the idea that money gives everything is pretty accurate. It can get you out of a scrape.

If you have money you can buy solutions to material problems. But God’s not satisfied with that. Putting too much trust in money is not God’s first choice for you.

On mission without money

When Jesus sent the disciples out in Luke 9, he told them to take no money. None at all! Not even a bit of loose change!

He didn’t want them to be tempted to look to material possessions at any point.

He’d already taken away much of their security (staff, bag, bread). But with money, they could buy any of these items along the way.

So what do we take from this?

Do not rely on money. It is a false god.

God is your source, your provider.

Money is God’s number 1 competitor for your attention.

Of course, money is not evil, just like a knife is not evil. Both can be used for good or bad purposes.

Whether we have money or not in this part of our journey, God wants us to look to him for everything.

Where will you put your trust?


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