Why a raincoat could be bad for you

It looks like rain

When we go out as a family, my wife will see rain coming hours ahead. She’ll make sure we all bring coats with us. She can smell rain a mile off.

Most times we never wear those extra coats. They just stay in the car.

Phrases like, “Just in case,” and, “Well, you never know,” justify bringing along an extra layer.

It would seem that Jesus’ disciples had something in common with my wife.

Leave a layer behind

He had to tell them not to take an extra tunic with them.

Not only had Jesus removed their staff, bag, bread and money; he wants to leave them with nothing but the shirts on their backs.

Clothing can provide warmth and comfort. It also provides protection from the elements.

Extra clothing on a journey is a contingency, just in case, because you never know.

What are we saying when we look to something other than God for our protection and comfort?

When we pack that security blanket, handy on the back seat of our car, what does that say about our faith?

What’s your extra tunic?

What are you hanging on to just in case God doesn’t show up. What’s your plan B, in case God is not who he says he is?

Is it an over-sized savings plan? Or items in your home you should really give away? What about information you are withholding as a security measure?

Are you using romance, alcohol or other pleasures and distractions to provide back-up warmth and comfort?

Give them up.

Step out into the unknown.

And do it in the company of other believers.

Stronger Together

Back in verse 1 of Luke 9, before he send the 12 out, Jesus called them together. When God has all of you and you are in unity with other Christians, look at what he can do!

“So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere.” (Luke 9:6)

Let go of your self-made security, provision, acquisitions, sustenance, finance, warmth, comfort and protection.

God wants to be all of these things. He is more than able to do in you exceedingly more than anything you can do on your own.


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