Heaven and Earth: 6 ways to raise your gaze!

(Homesick, Part 1) Chin up! Do people still say, ‘chin up!’? It’s one of those annoying things that people say when you might just be thinking about something and someone else thinks you’re depressed. I mean, if I was depressed, the last thing I want to hear is someone telling me to ‘cheer up, it…

Be the child!

However old you are, you need ‘Parent’ people in your life to provide guidelines, correction and nurture. As you get older there may even be people who play this role that are younger than you.

Dealing with (church) family tension

IN SHORT: Show love and allow others to love you. In my last post I let everyone off the hook who feels guilty that they don’t always get on with their family. In the first of two lessons I’m learning I’ll talk a bit about love. Showing love is a huge topic in itself. All…

New Years Revolution, part 2: TIME MANAGEMENT!

It’s a simple question but the answer can take years to develop. But that’s because it’s such a powerful question. I don’t think many of us ask it often enough, because it’s too difficult, too awkward, too challenging. Here it is:

New Years Revolution, part 1: REVOLUTIONISE YOUR DIARY!

Just about all of us want to be organised, intentional, purposeful, productive. We know this kind of lifestyle is generally rewarded. But I’m done with resolutions. What I’m aiming for this year is a number of areas I want to turn around – a revolution – by incremental steps. A lasting lifestyle change made by gradual little permanent changes. Read on and you might end up wanting to join me!

A Shepherd’s View

I never really felt accepted by anyone except my own close family. But Christmas changed everything. There was this girl I liked. Let’s call her Carol. And I think she liked me. I managed to get some time off to ask her on a date, but she just started acting a bit distant like. I…