The Focus of a Follower (why my Bible is wrong)

The title in my Bible above Luke 9:57-62 reads, “The Cost of Following Jesus.”

And fair enough, there are things you’ll want to give up in order to walk closer to him.

It’s like saying to my son,

“If you want the latest phone, you’re going to have to give up that old thing that loses its charge and has a cracked screen. That lovely old familiar phone with which you have created so many memories, connected with so many people. You’re going to have to send it away and never see it again. Son, that’s the cost. Are you sure you want the new phone?”


4 Questions that will test your spiritual fitness

You can’t fully follow Jesus unless you are willing to daily nail all self-interest to the cross.

Why a raincoat could be bad for you

Not only had Jesus removed the disciples’ staff, bag, bread and money; he wants to leave them with nothing but the shirts on their backs.

Why you need to leave your bag at home

A bag on a journey has two uses:

To take provisions and essential items
To carry things you acquire on the way
And Jesus tells us not to bring a bag on our mission to share his Kingdom.

3 Ways to Stay in the Word

There are lots of reasons we are unproductive in our faith journey. Jesus shows us three ways to stay in the word and produce a harvest.

Audacious Prayer

In Luke chapter 11 Jesus encourages us to pray audacious prayers. In Britain we are not encouraged as children to be audacious! In fact if my son or daughter asks too frequently and annoyingly, or “shamelessly” as the story in Luke 11 suggests, I’m more likely to say NO! However, God is encouraging shameless asking!

Lambs among Wolves! (Luke 10:1-9)

Luke 10:1-9 (click!) v1: Jesus sent the 72 to every place he was about to go. We often think of God going before us but in this sense we are to go to the places God has already preordained to bless. Are all our plans things that God is already working on or are they just…