How to worship without music!

What is worship?
In Old English the word used to be more like worth-ship, i.e. showing value or worth to someone else.
In Greek, the language of the New Testament, it literally means, ‘to kiss towards’.
What does that mean for Christian worship? Is it all about singing?

Do something new

What do we do when waiting for God to show up in our lives? Nehemiah 1 has at least 3 answers!

What love looks like

I love God. I love him with all my heart. He saved me and made me a new creation. He gave me the new heart I love him with. I love him with all my soul. I do everything I can to take every thought captive and submit my mind, will and emotions to his…

The Focus of a Follower (why my Bible is wrong)

The title in my Bible above Luke 9:57-62 reads, “The Cost of Following Jesus.”

And fair enough, there are things you’ll want to give up in order to walk closer to him.

It’s like saying to my son,

“If you want the latest phone, you’re going to have to give up that old thing that loses its charge and has a cracked screen. That lovely old familiar phone with which you have created so many memories, connected with so many people. You’re going to have to send it away and never see it again. Son, that’s the cost. Are you sure you want the new phone?”

Performance Related Pay is Anti-Christian

If you thought you could earn salvation with better prayers, more church-going, good deeds, bible study, you’re doing everything Jesus died to set you free from.

Leaders, you can’t treat everyone equally

People expect you to treat one child or staff member the same way you treated another.

But does that really work?

Flog a mocker, and the simple will learn prudence;
rebuke the discerning, and they will gain knowledge. (Proverbs 19:25)

How to minister like an introvert

I love being around crowds. I love cities and crowded restaurants. I love mingling with people after church on Sundays. But all of that exhausts me. Am I an introvert or extrovert? I’ve heard it said that the extrovert is energised by being around people where the introvert is energised by being alone. As much…